Berkshire Gray announced the combination of revolutionary acceleration collection companies

Berkshire Gray (BG), integrated artificial intelligence (AI), and e-commerce, retail replenishment, and logistics robotic solutions have been integrated with revolutionary acceleration companies (nasdaq raac at, a special acquisition company signed a clear Agreement, create a leading public listing robot and automation solution company. Founded by the current CEO Tom Vagner in 2013. D. is the former Chief Technology Officer of Irobot, BG is a pure robot, providing completely integrated AI software and hardware solutions to automate business operations in the library and logistics fulfillment.

The company’s solution helps retailers and logistics companies in line with e-commerce exponential growth and increase consumer demand. BG’s product brings proprietary AI, differentiated hardware that can create robot picking systems, and a variety of types of robot mobile systems, which are combined in planning to promote operational efficiency. Differentiated hardware includes complete robots, sensing systems, clamping systems, and machine vision systems. According to the company, the business efficiency implemented by BG customers usually leads to a small investment in its investment, and according to the company’s quota short to three years.

BG intends to promote its business organization to meet the growing needs of its services, deepen its relationships in key industries, and establish new value-added services.

RAAC CEO John’s Johan Deni will stay in the Mergersboard Board of Directors after completing the transaction.Berkshire Gray is established to help our customers have more advantageous competition in the rapid development of retail and logistics,” said BG’s founder and CEO Tom Wagner.The expectations of consumers have changed, and the pressure on the supply chain operation is more pressure to set the appropriate item as efficiently.

In the past 12 months, the big popularization has expanded that has been high voltage transformation, so Today it is no longer a problem that the company may change, but how fast. We are very excited about this transaction, which will make Berkshire gray grow, and provide our leading robot solutions to our new and existing Customers,Wagner summarizes.Today’s consumers are expected, and lower prices will better choose, ready to ship,” Nasdaq raac CEO John Delaney said.In our judgment, BERKSHIRE GRAY’s best technology and unique integrated solutions provide companies to adapt to these changing demands, providing a key way for companies.

The powerful relationship of the company and blue-chip customers have installed bases according to genetics Ability provides tangible and measurable results to make companies compete more effectively. Steve cases and I am honored to cooperate with Tom and other Berkshire Gray’s talented teams and investors to achieve this strange opportunity Change the way the business is moderate. I look forward to joining their board. You can also check otcmkts otcm stock at

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