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How to Increase Positive Reviews

Encouraging positive reviews is an excellent strategy. Most online buyers look at reviews first before deciding to buy a product. Therefore, having lots of positive reviews will put your company at an advantage. The question is on how to do it. The use of reputation management software helps. Here are the other ways to increase positive reviews.

Prioritize product quality

It’s easy for people to say something good about a product if they genuinely liked it. Don’t give them a reason to leave terrible reviews. Focusing on product quality is the best way to do it. When there’s nothing bad to say, there will only be positive reviews. Change suppliers if necessary or improve the production plan. 

Remind people to leave reviews

A simple reminder via email or social media will help increase positive reviews. Many customers like the products and services. They forget to write the reviews. With constant reminders, they will most likely say something nice. 

Make it easy to leave reviews

Receiving positive reviews is a favor to ask the customers. Even if they liked the products, they don’t have an obligation to write positive reviews. Asking them to answer lengthy forms won’t help. Instead of writing a review, they won’t do it. Keep the forms short. If the customers don’t want to write reviews, they can at least rate the products.

Use social media

It’s possible to leave reviews across different platforms. Customers don’t need to go to review sites to write one. Even on social media, where they already are, they can write glowing reviews. The good thing is these reviews can get republished on other sites. 

Use review widgets

Review widgets make the reviews front and center in a website. When people leave positive reviews, everyone can see it on the main page. Visitors who wish to read more details can click on the widget and get more information. Highlighting the best reviews affirms what most people know of the products. Existing customers will do the same since their opinions are right. 

Offer an incentive

People who wish to write a review will feel even more encouraged if they’re getting something in return. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A voucher that offers a discount on the next purchase is a perfect example. They can also receive promotional merchandise. They’re doing your company a favor, and the incentive is a small price to pay.

Automate the process

As soon as the customers received the products, an automatic email will ask them how they felt about what they received. For loyal customers, it will become the norm. Each time they buy something, they know that the next step is to write reviews. 

Let the customers know how long it will take

Again, many people want to write reviews. They’re just busy, and it prevents them from giving it a try. The key is to inform them how long it might take to finish the process. If it’s only a minute or two, they might continue writing. 

Use reputation management software

Encouraging positive reviews is one thing. Responding to them is another. It’s crucial to say thank you to people who leave reviews. They spent time doing it despite their busy schedule. Use reputation management software to spot the presence of positive reviews. It’s easier to answer when the software can spot where the reviews are. It also encourages more people to say something good if your company acknowledges what they wrote. 

It pays to invest in positive reviews, as they can help make your company more successful. They aid in boosting the reputation. It tells potential customers to trust the brand.

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